F0ME a brandnew community cryptocurrency!


As we welcome the 2018, Here at pinoybizblog we will start 2018 with more contribution and more positive news in the cryptocurrency market. Due to Busy Schedule the blog has been  left without any blog entry for almost 4 months.

Today i will introduce a brand new community driven cryptocurrency that is focus on building a strong community coin instead of going with the traditional ICO’s.  If you are an active bitcointalk user, 99% you already stumbled the one of the fastest growing  coin in the forum, Its called F0ME yes with a Zero.

The coin name is really not a commonly used crypto currency name making it a unique and has a strong recall value. The name itself will make it stand out among its strong competition and will be a great contender in the whole crypto community.

Community Forum

F0ME is a proof of community coin wherein the coin is built and launch via an Airdrop Distributions. 95% of the coin will be freely distributed to all active community members of bitcointalk, Official Discord channel and from their official community forum. The airdrop mechanics will be discuss in a separate article in the following days.

If you are looking for a free opportunity F0ME Community airdrop should be a good addition to your growing Crypto Currency portfolio. Joining F0ME airdrop is free and no string attach, you only need to invest your time and effort and by faithfully supporting the coin until it reach its full potential.


Social Links

Official Website:  https://f0me.net/

Official Forum: https://f0me.com/index.php

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/F0ME-591799104484848/

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/nbKS6RN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/f0meCommunity




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