The Onion Chronicles: Making Money from the Dip Volume 2

Deeponion 10th airdrop just pass and many people are happy with the current developments made by deeponion development team. Currently deeponion are still being traded only at Nova Exchange and since they are suffering from major ddos attack that affects their services to their clients most of the coins listed on the exchange are suffering from low volume orders. During this though times when BTC price is dumping to $3,000 make this event as a buying opportunity for deeponion not because its currently on its lowest price point but the future benefits of holding one onion.

Deeponion is still on very early stage and expect more developments in the upcoming weeks specially the new exchange announcement, i am confident that my investment today will triple or will quadrapole in value once deeponion is listed in a high volume exchange website. I am setting up small buy wall from time to time to gather some onions from the weak hands that is looking for quick dust amount of profits and for those people who are shortsighted for success.

I am not a financial advisor but i am a Full Time Crypto Currency Trader for living & Deeponion market is the best market i have encountered so far in my 2 years of trading experience.

Stay tuned for the Daily News Updates from about today’s airdrop!

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