The Onion Chronicles: Deeponion Strong Buy support at 0.00027

I have been watching the market for 7 days now and currently the buy support at .00027 is too strong and it only stays at 0.00026 for a moment and climb back again in 0.00027 price wall. this is a good indication for the future price of deeponion.

Since no one wants to sell at low price considering the amount of sell order in nova exchange. Most day traders are positive that the price will go to the moon once it hits the new big exchange that the dev team is talking about.

The airdrop is coming again and since nova exchange start accepting new registration again this will create a good effect on most coins listed on novaexchange since new traders can buy/sell coins and will create liquidity on the market and this is a good news for deeponion, if you remember 4 weeks ago every airdrop day the price of each onion doubles or even triples its price after the airdrop distribution if you are looking for a good coins for your portfolio consider deeponion as your coin of choice and you will not regret buying each onion at the price  of 0.00027.

I am already an active airdrop participants and been promoted as a moderator in the forum, i have been waiting for this moment to be part of deeponion airdrop for the past 4 weeks. During this time you will see me often hanging out in the forum also in deeponion slack channel to provide assistance to my fellow deeponion community members.

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