EthereumDark Gaining Momentum Reach All time High @0.000099

Ethereumdark is a freely airdrop coins and already achieve a good all time high at 0.000099 each ETHD, i myself participated in the airdrop and already got 500 ETHD from airdrop.

Joining the airdrop is easy, Download the desktop wallet and send a PM on the developers BCT account and your good to go and just need to wait for the next step. they are accepting brandnew accounts upto legendary accounts to receive airdrop.

Currently its being traded on both and and the developer recently announce that it will be listed in a much more rated exchange in the coming days. for now, you can sell your coins or HODL it for the future since the current supply of coins is limited since we are only on the 2nd round of airdrop. 3rd and 4th one will be announce soon after the 2nd airdrop is done, Everyone can still be part of the 2nd airdrop since the devteam haven’t announce it as closed at the moment. don’t miss this chance to get your free ETHD and Be rewarded via Stake rewards by keeping your wallet open 24/7.

Useful Link:

Windows Wallet:!BDgVUCyD!HbWkyrRteXsMlYfqtNWnZg
MacOS Wallet:!BDgVUCyD!HbWkyrRteXsMlYfqtNWnZg
Linux Wallet:!BDgVUCyD!HbWkyrRteXsMlYfqtNWnZg
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Blockfolio: (Download App for Android/iOS)
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