Press Release: DeepOnion 8th Airdrop Successful, 200,000 Onions Dropped

DeepOnion Successfully Distributed 200,000 Onions in their 8th airdrop week. No downtime has been reported and you will see more happy faces in their bitcointalk thread. Every friday is truly a rewarding day for everyone in the DeepOnion Community, Approximately 251 People shared the 200,000 Onions Airdrop pot and an average of 600 onions for each participants.  Valued atleast an average of $1098 USD for each participants as the time of this writing.

Its never too late to join the DeepOnion Airdrop, The life changing opportunity given by the dev team to the community is a true a magnificent gesture. You can pay your debts, Your loans, your mortgage and even buy a small house when you complete the 40 weeks airdrop challenge. Remember do not move more than 9.99% of your airdrop claims out of your wallet to continue receiving airdrop onions weekly.

The Market will go Wild again this weekend, and since there are no more badnews for the crypto community deeponion has no where to go but to go up and shoot the price to the moon, Currently its trading at .00039 upto 0.00041 and we can expect some good movement this weekend upto Monday. So hold unto your Onions and Prepare for the best ride of your life.

Donate some onions ? DdDaVkrVUWJJiVpPZFmhMqM8tojHoTpvjy Thank You!!

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