The Onion Chronicle: Red Days Are Over! Onions up by 30%

Many Investors are rushing in to buy Onions in the Nova Market as the next airdrop are set in less than 24 hours. Since last weeks airdrop, Deeponion suffer a major price drop due to extensive banning of cheaters and spammers. this leads to massive onions dumps in the market. But today we can see that the market already recovered from the past event and after publishing our yesterday news, the price of each onions grows as much as 30% in the past 12 hours.

The Airdrop is scheduled to commence in less than 24 hours and expect more pricepump after the airdrop and if your still watching in the sideline grab few onions for your portfolio to test the market and see for yourself. With approximately 300 Airdrop participants that will share from the 200,000 onions airdrop pool, each participants are guaranteed to get an average of 380 – 400 onions tomorrow.

Last Monday i grab some cheap onions at 0.00021 and i already build up my capital by as much as 40% and i expect to net at least 3x worth of my onions. If you are a day trader like me, you will love the market activity of deeponion and the market really reacts to what happenings to its surrounding and not a common pump & dump coin. for long term haul, i am staking few coins to help to secure the network.

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