Press Release: DeepOnion Strong Buy Wall @ 0.00024

Many day traders are still trading on Onion/BTC pair in nova exchange, the strong buy wall at 0.00024 is a strong indication that the coin is worth to kept for long time. not only you will earn more onions from staking but the future benefits of holding onion is a rewarding opportunities due to their active communities and active  support by the development team.

I am not a financial advisors but i do believe the power of community driven crypto currency is one of the important factor for a crypto currency success. Many Cryptocurrency come and go in the past years and this is the first time i saw an active community united in 1 common goal to make DeepOnion Known to many, Articles & Videos has been publish from different languages to spread the word about DeepOnion.

There are still 32 rounds of airdrop and more developments will unveil from their much awaited DEEP SEND Feature that will take the anonymous transaction to the next level and will surely make DEEPONION to reach a new all time high.


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