THE ONION CHRONICLE: How to make money from the dip

The cryptocurrency market suffer a major blow after the china announcement on the crackdown of illegal ICO’s and Banning all ICO’s from operating from their soil. this event trigger an emotional outburst that cause panic selling on the cryptocurrency market. Majority of Cryptocurrency is down by 15% after the announcement has been made.

Deeponion is not exempted to this event, currently deeponion is trading at 0.00024 per onion in the nova market and this is a GOODNEWS for the hodlers to buy more onions from the weak hands and panic seller. Buying at this price can be beneficial for long term and short term, You can easily make x3 to x5 hodl and wait for the right time to sell, but if you are a long term hodlers it means more staking power and more onions to grow for your farm.

With the Airdrop coming in less than 72 hours, expect huge pump this saturday and sunday. when more whales wanting to get hold on precious onions.

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