Masternodecoin the new decentralized cryptocurrency – Join the Airdrop Now!


If you are a regular bitcointalk user, you shouldn’t missed the one of the popular airdrop coins in the forum. Currently their first phase of aidrop is already ended that gives as much as 50,000 coins to each participants. but you can still participate on the 2nd round of their airdrop. the qualification is simple an active bitcointalk account, you don’t need to wear their signature the only basic qualification is just an active bitcointalk account that are posting atleast 21 post a week in the forum. They also provide incentives for active participation and supporting their bitcointalk thread by publishing articles and producing a video for their coin.

Rules for the 2nd Airdrop

  • The second round airdrop will last for a month,and divide into four stages (weeks)

  • One person just only one account, multiple accounts will not allow, if  noticed anyone have multiple accounts then all accounts will be banned from the airdrop.

  • The most important :All airdrop bitcointalk accounts should be active accounts,should be really the fans of crypto-currency ,that means at least 21 valid posts per week in anywhere of bitcointalk community .Posts must be constructive and on-topic. Spamming, low quality posts, copy paste and off topic posts will not be not match this rule then nothing you get.

  • All accounts who accept airdrop should pay close attention to Masternodecoin including this official ANN thread and twitter from official. any accounts don’t care about Masternodecoin development will be banned from the airdrop.welcome my really fans of masternodecoin.

  • we will distribute MTNC once a week.that means if you submit your info at 8/20 then you can get airdrop at 8/27

  • all accounts accept airdrop need to keep 90% of the coins received on the account during the whole airdrop period.otherwise he can not get airdrop anymore in the next stage.

  • Final explanation right belongs to the Masternodecoin team. we need the really fans,and welcome to our community.


Airdrop coins are becoming more popular for bitcointalk users, not only they gain free coins but they eliminate the risk of being scam in the process since you got nothing to lose and you only invest a little effort on the usual things you do on the forum and get rewarded in the process.

Remember, do not try to cheat the system. this kind of giveaway always attracted the cheaters and abusers to take more coin for themselves and ruin the economy of the coin.


Useful links:


2ND Airdrop Form : GOOGLE FORM





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