THE ONION CHRONICLE : Why i am Banned? The Truth Hurts

Many People are asking the same question, Why i am Banned? Well in fact you know the answer to your own question. This week alone many cheaters, Abusers Multi accounts were caught by the dev team. And the Dev Team is doing the right thing in enforcing stricter rules for this airdrop campaign. You will see the Effects on the Market, when onions are being held by 10 accounts own by a single person. That is what the Dev team is trying to prevent in the future.

The rules are fair and you will find it in every signature campaign in the forum, I am seeing some accounts that wake up recently to join the campaign. Its an Obvious Bought account and the devteam is doing its job preventing them entering the campaign.

Imagine this scenario, USER A sold his Onion Holding’s for 2BTC in the last week PUMP, Now he can afford 3 more full member accounts or maybe 3 Sr. Member accounts and will try to re-enter the campaign in deeponion. Can you imagine the damage it will bring to the deeponion economy if they allow such actions to continue. Dont act a victim if you are banned from the airdrop and says  you just return from a 3 years vacation from bitcointalk. Its funny to watch how this recently wake up account and recently change EMAIL and PASSWORD decided to wakeup at the same time and join the same campaign.

The Airdrop is set 4 hours from now and we can say that legit and honest members will get their well deserve Onions.

Donate some onions ? DdDaVkrVUWJJiVpPZFmhMqM8tojHoTpvjy Thank You!!

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