Airdrop: Grab your Free COOL Tokens!


In the past 4 weeks, we are seeing alot of airdrop coins being launch in Basically on the start you cant expect any monetary value on the giveaways, But Joining one is a rewarding experience you will work together with the community that receives that airdrop to creates a value on the coin.

In today’s entry i want to present to you COOL Token its an Ethereum Based token that recently open its doors in and started to offer a free airdrop to all members of the forum.

The qualification are limited from members rank upto legendary.

Eligible Ranks & Amount of COOL rewarded for cool contributions:
Legendary (30K), Hero (25K), Sr. Member (20K), Full Member (10K), Member (5K)

Technical Details

Contract Address: 0x8cd3bac9875b1945d1d3469947236d8971bf3174
Token Distribution Address: 0xe76cb68d64680ae8b7600c36e5a9ec68e68b37a4
Transparent Distribution Spreadsheet
Supply: 100.000.000 COOL
Distribution: Free Fundrop, No to ICO

Dont wait, and Apply for the airdrop now : CLICK HERE TO APPLY

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