PRESS RELEASE: Deep Onion Now Trading @ $2.70 Per Onion

PRESS RELEASE: Deep Onion Now Trading @ $2.70 Per Onion

All is goodnews about Deeponion, remember what i told you last week that the 0.00027 price is the lowest price you will see, Now everything is history. DeepOnion reach another market milestone now trading at 0.0006 at this time of writing or almost $2.70 per onion. a 200% growth in just 48 hours after the last airdrop and jump from the current rank of 280 in coinmarketcap last friday now Deeponion is ranking at 203 in the top currency in the world.

If you’re still wanting to hold a piece of Onion You can start applying for their weekly airdrop or buy now at nova while the price is stable at 0.006 because after the next airdrop we will experience yet another price pump that will establish a new floor price for deeponion. Dont be late and dont just watch in the sideline take action now and thank me later.

On the side note, Deeponion thread is always on fire with almost 700 pages in thread and soon it will over shadow the biggest altcoin thread in the ALTcoin section. only a matter of time before it happens and this is a good indicator that these coin are here to stay and will be 1 of the top currency in the world.

Donate some onions ? DdDaVkrVUWJJiVpPZFmhMqM8tojHoTpvjy Thank You!!

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