The OnionChronicle: The Happiest Day on Earth for Onion Community

The Onion Chronicle: The Happiest Day on Earth for Onion Community

Every Friday the whole DeepOnion Community is celebrating this day because its the schedule of the Onion Airdrop, If you are a onion follower we can say that every friday is the happiest day on earth why? If you are qualified today for the airdrop, the minimum you can get is 260+ onions that translate to almost $320 /week at the current price, everyone’s hardwork is paid off by just  supporting the community.

Base on the statistics 389 Airdrop Participants Shared the total airdrop amount of 150,000 onions  that translate to almost $225,000 at the current price if you have a weak hands and in great need of money you can drop out from the race now and forever missed all the happiest days in the upcoming 34 more airdrop weeks to come.

Now that the registration will be open tomorrow, we can expect more people will jump to this opportunity and join the race to 40 weeks. But be wary that joining is easy but it takes more than 10 post to qualified you need read their guidance about low quality posting or else you will be booted from the current week and need to apply for a review to qualify again next week.

Donate some onions ? DdDaVkrVUWJJiVpPZFmhMqM8tojHoTpvjy Thank You!!

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