The Onion Chronicle: Pump Started 48 hours to Airdrop

The Onion Chronicle: Pump Started 48 hours to Airdrop

In less than 48 hours another round of airdrop from deeponion will commence, as the airdrop countdown near to zero, the price already sky rocketed to from 0.00020BTC and now trading at 0.00027BTC a 30% growth in just 24 hours. we will see more price movement as the next airdrop is less than 48 hours. With this movement we will see who will drop out from the race as the price will surely hit 0.0006 this coming weekend. this is the current trend we follow and certainly will happen. If you’re looking for cheap onions now is the right time to buy as the current price is the lowest price you will see in the future, and we can expect a new floor price next from 0.00035BTC upto 0.0004BTC.

Deeponion Airdrop registration is still closed and based on their recent announcement it will open for application after this coming airdrop. If you are qualified for this coming airdrop expect a good onion payout because more than 500+ people had been banned from the airdrop.

Looking at the bright side, Deeponion community continue to grows as the current forum registrations already reach 700 members. with this recent development we can say deeponion already set a foothold and established its own community and we can expect more growth as more promo’s and giveaways are on the way.

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