The Onion Chronicle: Onion Continue to Dominate – $3.9M in Marketcap

The Onion Chronicle: Onion Continue to Dominate – $3.9M in Marketcap

Deeponion continue to dominate the altcoin market with a peak of $3.9 Million USD in marketcap more people are currently stocking up the precious onion for future investment.

Deeponion already surpass the achievement on most ICO’s that recently been added to exchange market. Even without crowdfunding the developer team manage to pull of an extraordinary stunt to storm the crypto currency industry with a good working product that provides anonymous transaction.

Dont miss the big opportunity to buy as many onion’s as you can, the market price tends to double or triple the price every airdrop day. if you are a seasoned trader onion will be a good investment for the future. don’t make the same mistake in 2009 that you didn’t buy BTC at the penny price.

Many speculator believe that onion will hit $5 before the year ends, if you are looking for a Christmas payday choose onion as your coin of choice for Hodling.

My previous article garnered some good and bad feedback, that writeup is to deliver goodnews to the current participants of deeponion. If you are still accepted you are one of the lucky one’s that will continue to receive onions weekly. Banning and Removal from signature campaign is not a new thing in bitcointalk, I myself has been remove once due to low quality posting. but i manage to learn and improve the quality of my post. if you are banned in deeponion airdrop the developer team is giving a fair chance to re-enroll provided you improve the quality of your post and by providing valuable contribution to the community.

Donate some onions ? DdDaVkrVUWJJiVpPZFmhMqM8tojHoTpvjy Thank You!!

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    Thought i would contribute to this great item from pinoycash

    Being a DeepOnion supporter i also firmly believe it will gain popularity and for so many reasons.

    The dev creating the online forum becoming a hub of intelligence just being one amazing reasons which also is one of the most friendly online communities that i have been involved in whom all help each other.

    In my opionion, DeepOnion is unique and this structure and all the members of DeepOnion all contribute to the development.

    Then we also have an amazing Dev and dev team they and the other members of DeepOnion brilliantly changed my life. Thank you.

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