The Onion Chronicle: 529 Member’s Axed, Who will survive the race?

The Onion Chronicle: 529 Member’s Axed, Who will survive the race?

There are 529 members banned from  the deeponion campaign as they continue to track down spammers in their signature campaign. those 529 members got their shot for the biggest pay day in history but they blew it and decided to cheat the campaign due to their posting behavior. This will be goodnews for all active airdrop participants less members more share on the upcoming airdrop next week specially the signup form for the new applicant is turn off while they are working updating the back end of their system.

In the current development, DeepOnion continue to excel in their support system and more and more people are working hard to be part of their family. If you become part of their support factor group you can get 2x or as much as 5x amount of airdrop weekly, if we translate that to onion with an average claim of each person at 300 expect as much as 600 upto 1500 onions weekly or upto 0.60 BTC weekly worth of onions, you will not get that even on the highest paying signature campaign in bitcointalk. if you;re still being a normal bounty hunters work your ass off and be active on their community and you will be greatly rewarded.

As the Onions became scarce, The open buy orders in Nova Exchange cannot be fulfilled due to low supply of onions in circulations. expect more upward surge in the next coming days as people wanting to hold as many onions as possible for the profitable staking rewards from holding the coin in your wallet.

If your aiming to join the airdrop, make sure your atleast a member rank and with quality post history. they already ban those people that bought accounts entirely for the airdrop purpose. dont forget to join deeponion official forum to get only the latest and updated news about deeponion.

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