The Movement | DAO – Airdrop Ends 8.31


Do you have a bitcointalk account? if yes you may want to participate in the most anticipated airdrop from The Movement. The Movement is still a mystery until since there are no website and only few information has been provided in the ANN thread in the Btctalk forum. Their Introduction message make’s it more mysterious but create’s an excitement to its participant’s.

The Movement is a DAO that is owned collectively by its founding members. By harnessing the power of the Ethereum blockchain, we are building the first Fully Crowdsourced Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (FC-DAO) from the ground up. Connect and Create @ the Unstoppable Organisation. Advancing and fostering cutting-edge Grassroots Networks.

If you want to participate in their Airdrop which will end this august 31, 2017  i suggest read the OP carefully as some people are having a hard time following the instructions.

Here’s the basic things you need to do:

  1. Your Bitcointalk account must be created before may 1, 2017
  2. ETH Address funded with alteast 0.01 ETH (Let the funds sleep there for a long time)
  3. PM the Dropper Bot with the following details

Bitcointalk Username:
ETH Address:
Genesis Sentence:

The genesis sentence must at least 5 words, anything that you can think off. and remember you ETH Wallet that can accept Token, like myetherwallet dont use wallet exchange.

If you have more question post and ask on their official Bitcointalk Thread

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