DeepOnion Back by strong Community and Active Development

DeepOnion Back by strong Community and Active Development


DeepOnion recently made a big leap forward in community support, with over 700+ Signature Participants they are taking over the majority of exposure in terms of signature impression in the bitcointalk community. If you are a active bitcointalk member you will see almost 500 pages in community discussion on their announcement thread Even the most attractive ICO cant reach that milestone in a short period of time. The genius coin distribution make the coin appealing to the masses specially those members that are active in bounty campaigns.

The Development are lead by Bitcointalk member Crypto-Rainbow, An active Developer that always available for the whole DeepOnion Community. With his actions Crypto-Rainbow was loved and Gain the trust of all the Airdrop Participants even with his negative feedback from the people who are against with the developer actions he continue to work and focus in the whole Deeponion Community.

Airdrop is currently on its 5th wave, and this coming August 18, 2017 another airdrop will occur and we will see another wave of happy faces in their Announcement Thread. If you cant participate on the AIRDROP you can buy some ONIONS from NovaExchange. Another Goodnews for DeepOnion Community, They are already Listed in COINMARKETCAP Surpassing $1,200,000 USD in Market Cap. its not too late to buy Onions Now! Get them while they are cheap and dont forget that keeping your Onions on your wallet will earn you some Onions by staking your Coins, Tutorial will be posted in the later date.

Watch the Introduction Video of DeepOnions

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