DeepOnions – How to get free ONIONS!


Hello guys, after weeks of rest from writing im back again in bogging business and expect atleast 1 quality article daily. in today’s entry we will talk about deep onion, if you are a bitcointalk member most probably you already encounter the deeponion thread. if not you can check and read thru this LINK.

What is deeponion? Deeponion POW & POS Cryptocurrency . without going much into the technical details we go directly on how you can have onions on your wallet? Deeponion coins are freely distributed weekly via airdrop, every friday of the week you are expected to earn a share of the total deep onions pot alloted for that week. Sounds easy right? but wait, before you can participate and get a free airdrop from the airdrop pool you need to have a  Bitcointalk account that is registered before july 12, 2017 and atleast a JR MEMBER forum rank to qualify. If you think you are qualified with the basic criteria you need to wear their official signature that can be found here (official deeponion signature). Now you need to Register on the official airdrop sign-up page and add your Bitcointalk UID and your Deeponion wallet address that can be downloaded from here. After all those things is done, You are required to post 10 quality post per week to qualify for the airdrop.


  1. Atleast JR Member Bitcointalk account that registered before July 12, 2017
  2. Wearing official Deeponion Signature
  3. 10 Quality post weekly.

How to check if your Accepted? Follow this LINK

How to check the payment status? Follow this LINK

Didn’t quality for the Airdrop? Get some Onion from the community faucet! Follow this LINK  .

Visit the official forum of deeponion! Follow this LINK

If you want an ONION, Follow the procedure above and be Rewarded.

Thats all for todays entry. thank you for reading.

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