The Onion Chronicles: Making Money from the Dip Volume 2

Deeponion 10th airdrop just pass and many people are happy with the current developments made by deeponion development team. Currently deeponion are still being traded only at Nova Exchange and since they are suffering from major ddos attack that affects their services to their clients most of the coins listed on the exchange are suffering […]

Press Release: DeepOnion 8th Airdrop Successful, 200,000 Onions Dropped

DeepOnion Successfully Distributed 200,000 Onions in their 8th airdrop week. No downtime has been reported and you will see more happy faces in their bitcointalk thread. Every friday is truly a rewarding day for everyone in the DeepOnion Community, Approximately 251 People shared the 200,000 Onions Airdrop pot and an average of 600 onions for […]

THE ONION CHRONICLE: How to make money from the dip

The cryptocurrency market suffer a major blow after the china announcement on the crackdown of illegal ICO’s and Banning all ICO’s from operating from their soil. this event trigger an emotional outburst that cause panic selling on the cryptocurrency market. Majority of Cryptocurrency is down by 15% after the announcement has been made. Deeponion is […]

Masternodecoin the new decentralized cryptocurrency – Join the Airdrop Now!

  If you are a regular bitcointalk user, you shouldn’t missed the one of the popular airdrop coins in the forum. Currently their first phase of aidrop is already ended that gives as much as 50,000 coins to each participants. but you can still participate on the 2nd round of their airdrop. the qualification is […]